8-Round Handguns for NY

20130115-153340.jpgThe massively silly New York gun law just passed outlaws ammunition feeding devices holding more than eight cartridges that can be removed from the gun without the uses of a tool. Guess which of the two firearms pictured at the left is still legal. Both hold eight rounds. The Smith & Wesson 627 revolver holds eight .357 Magnum cartridges, but because a screwdriver is required to remove its magazine (the cylinder), it’s not illegal.

The standard magazine for the Kimber 1911 .45 ACP pistol holds eight rounds, and new, ungrandfathered magazines will be verboten. Fortunately, 7-round magazines (the earlier standard for the GI .45) are commonly available. BTW, Kimber pistols are made in Yonkers, New York.

UPDATE–Both of these handguns fire one round with each pull of the trigger. There’s no functional difference between shooting a double-action revolver and a semiautomatic pistol.

However, the speedloader commonly used with this revolver will now be illegal as a removable feeding device.

4 thoughts on “8-Round Handguns for NY

  1. Our economy is in the crapper but this is what Cuomo makes his priority, just as our economy was in the crapper when he was elected and he made gay marriage his priority, and our economy remained in the crapper since he didn’t care about anything else other than bullying through his leftist agenda. Did you know that if you work in a wedding related business, say as a DJ, and decline to take a job at a gay wedding in NY for whatever reason (such as a scheduling conflict), you can be prosecuted?
    I don’t supposes Andrew Cuomo gives much of a crap about the people working at that manufacturer in Yonkers whose jobs may be effected by his attack on their employer.
    How odd that all these anti-business things the governor does doesn’t seem to help our economy one bit, huh?
    I wish I could escape from New York. This state sucks more every single day.

  2. Someone in New York is going to challenge this rediculous law. How many law enforcement officials and retirees do you suppose have these newly banned weapons?

  3. I suspect this law could turn out to be counter productive. When the number of rounds is limited people will try to maintain firepower by getting guns firing bigger and nastier ammo. If you have only a few shots you want to make sure they count. Which means that when people do shoot each other it will results in more serious and more lethal injuries.

    It will be reported as ‘gun violence increasing again’.

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