Smart Gun Technology

The Daily Caller reports that VP Biden is interested in it. This would add some sort of biorecognition to the gun so that only an authorized user could fire it.

OK, Mr. Vice President. If you think it’s such a good idea, why don’t you insist that your Secret Service detail only carry “smart guns”?

2 thoughts on “Smart Gun Technology

  1. The whole bio-locked weapon idea is pretty old. I know Metal Gear Solid 4 used it, not sure who else, but I am confident it’s been around for longer than that. It’s actually an interesting concept… if you could add multiple keys to the gun. Say, key your extended family and friends into the gun.

    It’d be useful as hell for cops and soldiers. If a cop or soldier’s weapon was stolen (which does happen occasionally), the criminal couldn’t use it against them. And it would prevent a ‘storming the bastille’ type moment where a mob, say, could overwhelm an American base and turn the weapons against the troops.

    It’d also mean that if the government tried to confiscate guns, it couldn’t turn those guns against the populace.

    Of course, it shouldn’t be mandatory to bio-lock a gun, but it would be nice to have the option, and would represent a decent advance in technology combined with a lot of opportunities for research, mechanical, electrical, sociological, and psychological.

  2. More opportunities for crony capitalism, or I miss my guess.

    Such technologies have never been successfully demonstrated, but there are plenty of hucksters out there promoting them.

    Apparently, Uncle Joe doesn’t recognize that he’s been transferred to “special projects” to keep him away from the important stuff…

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