Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum?

I read Breitbart Unmasked so that you don’t have to. That site has put up a post by its publisher, The Watchful Avenger, citing my larger than average collection of firearms as evidence that I’m preparing for a coming civil war.


I had had enough of war over 40 years ago. In January, 1972, I was in Viet Nam serving with the Army’s 12th Combat Aviation Group.

While I believe that the Second Amendment was adopted to insure that citizens would be able to resist the government if it were to become tyrannical, I don’t expect that to happen again in foreseeable future. (Happen again? Yes, we’ve had justified citizen rebellions against oppression, the Battle of Athens, for example.)

Would I participate in such an uprising? I don’t know. Several factors would weigh against that. First, most of my firearms are more suited to target shooting and hunting than 21st century military service. I suppose my scoped .270 would make a good sniper rifle, but ammunition supply could quickly become dicey in a real combat zone. Yes, I do have an AR-15, but it isn’t chambered for the commonly used 5.56 mm NATO/.223 Remington round. Yes, I have some older military rifles as collector items, but, once again, ammunition supply in combat would be iffy.

If I’m supposed to be stocking up for a fight, I’ve got the wrong stuff.

Second, my age. I’m 65. I’m too old for the Unorganized Militia under Title 10 of the U. S. Code (17 to 44, inclusive). I’m even too old to be recalled if I had been a Regular Army officer instead of a Reservist (up to 64).

ASIDE—My draft status (I still have my draft card) is 5A—veteran with completed obligation—and that’s fine by me. I note that the draft status of everyone whose name has been associated with Breitbart Unmasked, if they were of draftable age, would be 4F—physically (Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt and First Mate Neal Rauhauser), mentally, or morally (Dread Pirate Kimberlin) unfit for service.

Would I take sides in a civil war? Probably. But supporting one side or the other would not require a geezer like me to go to the front.

Still, I doubt that a civil war is likely in my lifetime. My reasons for believing that are complex, and may be the subject of another post. Someday.

3 thoughts on “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum?

  1. BU blog staff: products of the public school system.

    If Breitbart Unmasked isn’t the quintessential argument for homeschooling, I don’t know what is.

  2. Should life in these United States devolve into a Civil War, I too (being too old for any active duty at sixty two) would not be on any side’s front lines. However the training I had forty one years ago just might help me in being one of the meanest S. O. B.s in the Tennessee Hills.

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