BREAKING: David Gregory Above the Law

The DC Attorney General has decided not to prosecute David Gregory. Legal Insurrection has details.

In an earlier post I asked if DC was ruled by law or by men above the law.

I now have my answer.

UPDATE—Further commentary from Stacy McCain, Glenn Reynolds, and Erik Wemple.

1 thought on “BREAKING: David Gregory Above the Law

  1. The use of the First Amendment angle is rather interesting. If we really had to go that far, the easiest way to have ensured no violation was to have David Gregory at some remote location then. The matter would never have come up then.

    The DC OAG acknowledges a “prima facie” violation and decides it will not prosecute as that will not further justice? Really? What prosecutions under that statute do further justice then?

    Granted, only about 10% of all cases can ever go to trial or the court system would just lock up due to being to unable to handle the load. Was that a consideration? If so, who was more important to prosecute?

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