2 thoughts on “Lemonade Among the Lemons

  1. This requires a bit more description, because it isn’t quite as sweeping as is being suggested (both here and elsewhere).

    The Senate Amendment does not prohibit the government from collecting information.

    What it does do is prevent the Sec. of HHS from claiming that he or she is authorized to create a gun registry in relation to any data collected from health care providers, and that health care providers may not take that information into account when pricing premiums, and that no individual may be required to provided information about lawfully owned firearms or ammunition in regard to activities under the PPACA.

    The government is neither prohibited from nor allowed to create a registry by any legislation that I am currently aware of. The closest thing that I know of is Federal Law 18 U.S.C. 926 (2) (a)), (the Firearms Owners Protection Act), which prohibits the Attorney General from creating a Rule or Regulation requiring registration of non-act covered firearms.

  2. This isn’t exactly something to crow over though… it explicitly says “legally owned”. So Obozo makes the ownership illegal through some BS executive order classifying anything other than a muzzle loading cap and ball pea shooter as an ILLEGAL MILITARY GRADE WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION… problem solved, they can now collect whatever info they want on our illegal weapons!

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