NPR Gets the Memo

Gun control is so unpopular with the public that very term is considered radioactive by most politicians. Thus, we are beginning to hear about gun safety and gun violence. These are the new buzzwords used by the anti-Second-Amendment crowd.

It appears that NPR has the memo and is shading their reporting accordingly. During my commute this morning, I heard the newsreader announce that VP Biden would be meeting with gun safety advocates and the victims of gun violence today and with the NRA tomorrow.

That seems like an attempt to contrast those in favor of gun safety on the one hand with the NRA on the other.

Is there any organization that has done more to promote gun safety than the NRA?

2 thoughts on “NPR Gets the Memo

  1. It’s incredibly frustrating to listen to NPR every morning. You probably heard them gushing over the Obama nominations for his second term as well.

    I can’t get the local AM station for about half of my daily commute, otherwise I would listen to that.

    It’s somewhat comforting that the local NPR affiliate wasn’t able to raise enough money from donations/taxpayers, so they regularly have advertisements for local businesses.

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