Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin and Perjury 8

On Tuesday, we looked at some of the dicey testimony TDPK gave during the 11 April Kimberlin v. Walker peace order trial in Montgomery County Circuit Court. On 29 May, he was back in District Court seeking another peace order against Aaron Walker.

I’ve underlined a couple of obviously false statements in red. Finding the many others is left to industrious Gentle Reader as an exercise.

Let’s start on p. 9 of the transcript.

Well, I just want to get to one little part of that January 9th hearing. He followed me out of the courtroom and he assaulted me right there …

We’ve been over that assault claim several times. It didn’t happen. Period.

This hearing occurred just a few days after the Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day that Lee Stranahan organized. On p. 16 TDPK claims that Aaron Walker instigated that blogburst.

So not, so on last week, he got all these bloggers all over the country to create “Let’s blog about Brett Kimberlin day,” over 350 blogs blogged that I framed him.

If you follow the link to Lee Stranahan’s site above you’ll find that he started the ball rolling. Mr. Stranahan wrote:

So I’m declaring this Friday, May 25th as Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.

Aaron Walker had nothing to do with organizing the blogburst.

Here we have a couple more examples of how TDPK seems to say whatever he thinks will be beneficial to him at any given moment. If Mark Singer’s biography Citizen K is to be believed, this is a pattern of behavior that goes back to TDPK’s youth. The next court transcript we’ll examine is from the 5 July peace order trial. We’ll find more of the same.

Stay tuned.

One thought on “Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin and Perjury 8

  1. I am still amazed when I read through that transcript that the judge ruled the way he did.

    “Forget Brandenburg. Let’s go by Vaughey right now…”

    It’s sickening. There were several other lies in there that you did NOT underline, both during his direct examination and his cross by Mr. Walker. Claiming to not know he is referred to as the Speedway Bomber. He directly admits that he was being called that by Mr. Walker, then says he has never heard of himself being referred to that way. He has never read the book about himself? Mark Singer references the Star articles, IIRC, that called TDPK the Speedway Bomber when he was convicted. I’m sure the phrase “Speedway Bomber” was used in that book somewhere. And that is just ONE possible source he would have seen it.

    I’d like to find out what happened to the judgement against him in the DeLong v Kimberlin case. He tap danced around saying that was not in effect when he had his parole revoked. He finally says that the judgement was “satisfied.” I would like to see a record that that is the case. In the book by Mark Singer it wasn’t satisfied, he was just avoiding paying it. Page 349 of the book he claims to be home free because the certificate wasn’t renewed or something in Indiana. In the previous paragraph he talks about keeping the judgement in litigation for 20 years if necessary. It was never ruled, “Satisfied.” He *may* have been able to avoid it on a technicality because the widow DeLong got tired of fighting for it, or simply could not afford to keep fighting it. That is a WHOLE lot different than it being, “Satisfied.”

    Those are just 2 examples…there are more if you really want to go in the weeds.

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