Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin and Perjury 6

As part of our continuing examination of The Truth v. Brett Kimberlin, let’s examine some of his testimony during a peace order hearing on 8 February, 2012. Here’s a transcript of the hearing for reference. I’ve underlined portions in red.

The surveillance video of the incident in question can be viewed here.

Here’re some of the questionable statement made by TDPK during the hearing. On p. 6 of the transcript, while explaining the background of the situation to Judge Everngam, TDPK makes the following claim about the 9 January contempt hearing against Seth Allen.

And issued a permanent injunction against Mr. Allen prohibiting him from interfering with my business or defaming me.  Mr. Allen violated that order by continuing to defame me and interfering with my business.

While it is true that a permanent injunction was issued against Seth Allen, it is not true that he violated the injunction. Indeed, Judge Rupp ruled in Mr. Allen’s favor during the 9 January contempt hearing.

Although he initially denied taking Aaron Walker’s picture when interviewed by Sheriff’s Deputies (photography is prohibited in the Montgomery County Courthouse), on p. 7 shows TDPK testifying as follows:

I picked up my iPad and took a picture of him lunging at me. He decked me in the eye and wrestled with me.

Not only is it clear on the video that Mr. Walker never hit TDPK, it’s obvious to the most casual observer that TDPK was not knocked down or “decked.” TDPK also testified that

Nine police came up to the—or, sheriffs came up there and separated him.

Not only is that inconsistent with the video, it is contradicted by the testimony of Deputy Sheriff James Johnson on p. 18.

When we arrived on scene, there were two individuals in the lobby that were already separated.

TDPK made the following statement about the Virginia Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit during the hearing (p. 8).

He’s filed a $66 million lawsuit against me in Virginia.

That is not true. The damages sought in the suit are $2 million. There are 33 counts cited in the lawsuit, any one of which, the suit claims, justifies the damages sought. However, the damages are not sought 33 times over.

In describing the contempt hearing on 9 January, TDPK asserted that Aaron Walker was ejected from the hearing (p. 10).

You know, Judge Rupp ran him out of the courtroom …

The transcript of that hearing does not reflect that. Furthermore, TDPK’s own testimony indicated that Mr. Walker followed him out of the hearing at its conclusion (p. 7).

But so as we were exiting the courtroom on the 9th floor, Courtroom 5, I believe, we walked out of the courtroom …

These are just some of the questionable statement TDPK made during the 8 February hearing. Some of them may not rise to the level of perjury, but some may, and taken as a whole they seem to paint a picture of deception and dishonesty. Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at his testimony in another hearing.

Stay tuned.

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