Whose Third Term?

Stacy McCain has a post up about a Democrat congresscritter who has introduced a constitutional amendment to repeal the 22nd Amendment, the one that put the two-term limits on Presidents. Yes, some Democrats are already talking about a third term for Barack Obama.

Uh, huh.

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating. In 2008, some folks expected that Barack Obama’s first term would be, in effect, Jimmy Carter’s second term. I was one of the people who viewed that as a best case scenario. Given the abundance of coverups, it may be that Barack Obama’s second term will seem like Richard Nixon’s third term.

2 thoughts on “Whose Third Term?

  1. Please don’t go piling on the dissing on Nixon. One of the reasons I bailed on the Republican Party in 1973 and have been registered as an independent ever since is because of the way the Republicans in Congress abandoned Nixon.

    Not saying Nixon was a saint. Not saying Nixon didn’t have some kind of weird paranoia thing. Not saying Nixon didn’t handle it poorly.

    But, if you put Watergate in context, it didn’t amount to anything more than the scandals that have gone on in many administrations, and probably less. The only difference is that the Democrats had overwhelming majorities in Congress and the Democrats smelled blood in the water.

    • You hit the nail on the head! Being dead, I have acquired great knowledge from speaking with our founders and framers as well as many of my predecessors. I have a Tea Party outlook now and am running for President in 2016 on the Dead Republican Party (DeRP) ticket (http://deadrepublicanparty.wordpress.com/. We are developing a platform and I am seeking a living running-mate to make it a hybrid ticket. Our campaign slogan is “A Zombie President for a Zombie Nation”.
      As the 22nd Amendment stands, I AM eligible for a third term, having resigned early enough to still be able to serve a full term and be under the cumulative time in office limit. Remember, Vote Dead Dick 2016!

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