Thank You, Zilla

MZAWARDS-W-200X200Hogewash! is a cowinner of a Zilla Award for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere for 2012 in the category of Blogs Whose Awesomeness Makes Leftists’ and/or Jihadis’ Heads Assplode With Murderous and/or Litigious Rage. The other blogs honored in that category were Blazing Cat FurAtlas ShrugsThe Lonely ConservativePatterico’s PontificationsAllergic to BullAmerican PowerThe Other McCain (especially the Wombat, man do the leftist trolltards ever have a hate-on for him!), Jihad WatchBare Naked Islam, and Liberated.

First, I congratulate the other winners. Second, I’m surprised and pleased to be is such good company. Thanks, Mare.

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