Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin and Perjury 2

Yesterday, I published my letter to the Montgomery County (Maryland) State’s Attorney asking about the non-prosecution of Brett Kimberlin for an apparent false statement made during a hearing in late 2011. During 2012, five separate charges were filed against TDPK for perjury and related offenses.

Four of the charges relate to statements made on 9 January, one charge each of False Information on a Peace Order, False Statement to an Officer, False Statement to a State Official, and Perjury. An additional perjury charge was filed which shows an offense date of 11 April. All of these charges were dispositioned as nolle prosequi; that is, the State’s Attorney was unwilling to prosecute.

Tomorrow, we will begin taking a look at the documentary evidence relating to these charges. We’ll look at what Brett Kimberlin swore was true and at what other evidence exists.

Stay tuned.

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