Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin: Year in Review 6

The altercation that spiraled into all the Kimberlin v. Walker peace order petitions occurred after a Circuit Court hearing on 9 January. Aaron Walker got involved because TDPK had inappropriately put a great deal of Mr. Walker’s person information in a court document, and Mr. Walker appeared to have the information sealed. He was successful, although TDPK has since breached that seal by including the sealed document as an exhibit in filings with other courts.

However, that was not what was billed as the main event for the morning. In 2011, TDPK got a default judgment against blogger Seth Allen because of technical error on Mr. Allen’s part. TDPK had sought more than $2,000,000; he was awarded a hundred bucks. After “winning” that case, he tried to have Mr. Allen held in contempt for continuing to blog about him. After listening to TDPK’s “evidence,” Judge Rupp ruled:

Well, I’ve reviewed what’s been submitted. I’ve reviewed one, two, three, four, five, six, seven different sets of blogs that have been submitted, as well as the memorandum, which contains on page 7, items 1 through 20 of support of the plaintiff’s petition to hold Mr. Allen in contempt. I do not find that there is sufficient evidence that would allow me to conclude that Mr. Allen is in contempt after reviewing all of these documents. I’m going to deny the petition for contempt.

TDPK appealed to the next level up the judicial food chain in Maryland, the Court of Special Appeals.

Upon a review of the record it appears that the above captioned appeal is from the circuit court’s order on the record denying Appellant’s Second Motion to Find Defendant Seth Allen in Contempt. No appeal lies in an interlocutory petition for contempt. … ORDERED that the above captioned appeal be and hereby is dismissed.

And so we have TDPK batting .000 for every case that was brought to closure in 2012. Of course, there are a couple of cases still open, and, for the nonce, TDPK appears to be ahead in both the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuits. We will see how those cases turn out next year.

TDPK has not been on his own all year. He’s had help from the members of Team Kimberlin and a group of enablers. We will begin looking at their activities tomorrow.

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