5 thoughts on “White Christmas in Westminster

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  2. Such a heart-warming visual. Here in Seminole Florida, it’s in the 60’s with an expected high of 77 and sunny skies. The wife wants to swap weather, desiring snow and a white Christmas …

    • Our first Christmas in Southern California, my wife’s family called to wish us a Merry Christmas and tells us about the snow they had been shoveling. We took the call while we were sunbathing on the patio.

      • I am spending the majority of the day relaxing on my porch, overlooking the bayou and enjoying the mallards and geese that have taken up temporary residence there.

  3. Here in Muddle Tennessee we awoke to find that the sky had drizzled all night long. The leaves in the yard were all plastered down on the overgrown grass. I woke my daughter with a hearty Merry Christmas ! Only to learn that her one day off from her retail job was going to be her day to sleep. She is not looking forward to the “Day after” and dealing with the returns which are sure to come.

    I think I will just put on my galoshes and go out and make “Mud Angles.”

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