Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin and Bad Timing

timer-blackIn Citizen K Mark Singer describes TDPK’s efforts to have the car he was driving when he was busted by the FBI for impersonating a federal officer and some other misdemeanors moved to a “safe location.” However, the FBI got a search warrant and impounded the car first. Mr. Singer describes the search at the bottom of page 98:

Several FBI agents, as well as a peer from the ATF, Bernard (Ben) Niehaus, were present when the search got underway in the printing shop parking lot. The original warrant was limited to evidence related to the misdemeanor possession [of government insignia] charges. The agents would later testify that after forcing open the trunk—and this would be central to the prosecution of the bombings case—they discovered objects that had nothing to do with the misdemeanors. Niehaus phoned a fellow ATF agent, Patrick Donovan, and described particulars that provided for yet another search warrant. The most provocative item Niehaus saw that morning was a black leather suitcase imprinted in gold with the initials BCK—the monogram of Brett Coleman Kimberlin. Inside, the government would one day explain to a jury, were four Mark Time timers. Each had been altered so that it was identical to the devices that triggered the bombs in Speedway.

To this day, TDPK maintains his innocence in the Speedway bombing. He claims that he was framed. He has never expressed any remorse for gravely wounding Mr. and Mrs. DeLong.

Framed, huh?

If I were a crooked cop trying to frame someone for a bombing, I wouldn’t bother to modify four timers and plant them. One would do. Traces of Tovex 200, the explosive used in the bombs, were found in the trunk of the car also. If I knew that, I wouldn’t bother to plant the timer. Possession of explosives by a felon (remember, TDPK’s a perjurer) is itself a felony, and possession of the same type used in the bombings provides a strong possible link to them.

No, TDPK wasn’t framed. He screwed up and left bomb making material in a vehicle that he was driving when he got arrested. That’s simply poor attention to detail and bad timing on his part.

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