On Gun-Free Zones

In general, I believe that they are a stupid idea. OTOH, I’m a strong believer in private property rights. If someone tells me not to come armed onto his property, I obey his wishes.

However, it seems to me that gun-free zones at commercial establishments open to the public have become an attractive nuisance that draws in these wacko shooters. Think of the Colorado theater or the Oregon mall. Owners of such commercial properties should be held responsible for the safety of their invitees. Perhaps posting a gun-free zone at a commercial establishment should subject the business to strict liability for death or injury by a shooting on their premises.

Just thinking out loud …

One thought on “On Gun-Free Zones

  1. I don’t remember where I found this.

    If “gun-free zones” keep you safe, why does NOBODY put such a sign on their OWN door?
    Liberalism – ideas so great they have to be mandatory

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