Debunking a Defense of Thugs

Patterico has a post up (the first of five, he says) debunking one of the outrageously nonsensical attempts to defend the union thugs who attacked Steven Crowder and others in Lansing last week. (H/T, The Other McCain)

Apparently Christopher’s argument went something like this: Andrew Breitbart was associated (at least in lefty minds) with deceptively edited videos. Lee Stranahan, who has never been accused of making a deceptively edited video, works for And he is the one who made this video, even though really he didn’t. Therefore and thusly, this video is deceptively edited! Thank you, don’t forget to tip your waitresses, and I’m HERE ALL WEEK!

Read the whole thing, and read Stacy McCain’s piece too.

UPDATE–Patterico has Part Two posted.

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