Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin’s Utility Bills

TDPK operates his two “charities” out of his mother’s basement. Yet the IRS Form 990s filed for those organizations show significant expensed for “Utilities.” For instance, here’s an extract from Justice Through Music Project’s Form 990 for 2010.dpk20121216

$7,933 for utilities for a portion of a basement of a 1,500 sq ft house in Montgomery County, Maryland? The only other addresses associated with JTMP are a P. O. Box and the in-home office of the Executive Director.

To give the Gentle Reader some sense of proportion, let me note that I spent under $5,000 for gas, electric, water, and sewer bills for a 2,700 sq ft house in an adjacent county during 2010. The divergent rates between BG&E, on the one hand, and Pepco’s and Washington Gas, on the other, and the City of Westminster versus the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission simply can’t account for all of difference. In any case, assuming as much as 250 sq ft of TDPK’s mother’s house were billable to the “charities,” its share would certainly be less than $7,933.

Of course, there may be a reasonable explanation for the seemingly excessive occupancy and utility expense reported. JTMP may be renting additional space that they have never bothered to mention publicly. Or perhaps …

7 thoughts on “Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin’s Utility Bills

  1. Has anyone ever pointed this out to the IRS? How does one go about that anyway? Or maybe that would be something to ask your Senator about…hmmmmm

    • There’s a form on the IRS’ site. Please fill it out. You will need the EIN, the name of the organization and the address, and the year. It’s a PDF, and you can print and send it, or attach it to an email.

      It’s not hard, and it’s not hard to figure out.

  2. Utility providers routinely supply local LE with the names of “suspiciously” high demand residential customers (read Grow Operations). What was it TDPK was infamous for before the bombings???

    • Note that the $3,886 for Telco charges is more than I paid that year for 3 iPhones, two landlines, high-speed Internet, and web hosting for business. Also, there is $1,736 shown on another line of the Form 990 for “Information technology.”

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