Bias? What Bias?

Steve Crowder has filed a criminal complaint against the union goon who assaulted him. (H/T, Instapundit) And you’re seeing most of the coverage on blogs. Why is that?

Do you think it might have something to with the main stream media being unionized? Most major market newspapers are unionized. The IBEW and NABET have organized the technical workers in much of the broadcast media, and SAG-AFTRA has a lock on most of the on-air “talent.” The following (dated Dec.7) is from the SAG-AFTRA website:

Yesterday the Michigan House and Senate passed bills that would make Michigan a so-called “right-to–work” state. There is still time to fight for union rights: Both the House and the Senate still have to vote on each other’s bills, and there is talk that such votes will occur in Lansing on Dec. 11. “Right-to-work” laws allow nonmembers to work under union contracts and enjoy all of the benefits of those union contracts without paying for the union’s services.

If the bill passes, Michigan would become one of the first northern manufacturing states to pass this kind of antiunion law and other states may follow. SAG-AFTRA urges Michigan residents to immediately call their senators and representatives and urge them to stop this bill from passing. The effort against this legislation is of nationwide importance. Anyone in the country can help fight this bill by signing the petition through the link below. Please help to stop this downward spiral that hurts all workers and depletes the resources at their workplaces.

That from the union for the on-air journalists who will bring you “unbiased” coverage.

Uh, huh.

Note: Not every union broadcaster has voluntarily joined his union. Many are forced to do so because they work in states such as New York or California. Other join because, even though they work in right-to-work states such as Tennessee, their work simply doesn’t get aired in places such as New York or California until they join the union. I lost voice-over work for union markets when I was in radio in Nashville; I was non-union.

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