Judge Potter’s Order

The Gentle Reader may have heard that there is a copy of Judge Potter’s order dismissing the Virginia Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. case posted on the Internet. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of what may be found elsewhere.

Hogewash! will post a copy of the order as soon as an official copy is available the Court Clerk’s office. It was not available as of 11 am this morning.

UPDATE–Not only will this site publish the Order when an official copy is available, Hogewash! will publish the entire transcript of the hearing which includes a fuller description of Judge Potter’s reasoning in the case. The transcript is due out 10 days after the hearing.

3 thoughts on “Judge Potter’s Order

  1. Pray tell how anyone could have a copy of an unreleased transcript? It raises the question of whether, or not, an illegal recording took place.

    • I haven’t bothered to look to see what might be on other sites, so I can’t comment. The transcript posted here will be the one taken by the sworn court reporter. I don’t expect to have a copy before 14 December.

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