5 thoughts on “Emotional Environmentalism

  1. Because if you thought about it, recycling pollutes the air and creates hazardous waste–much more than the process of creating products from scratch. Because it takes many times more pounds of recycled pulp to create recycled paper and other products than it does to create paper and other products from wood pulp. Because sorting and processing waste cost over five times more than it does to take it to a landfill. Because some products that are recycled contain hazardous materials and chemicals that can contaminate the recycled products and those using it.

    I’m sure there’s many other reasons that I can’t think of right now, but I’ll stop there. 😉

  2. Careful thought might lead one to conclude that “environmentalism” is mostly about helping useless people feel good about themselves without having to actually do anything worthwhile. Much of the modern environmental movement can be described this way. I believe in taking care of our surroundings as much as the next rational person but in many areas we are well into the category of ever diminishing returns for an increasing amount of effort expended. The big messes are mostly long ago cleaned up and now we are focusing on levels near or below background. This leads to silliness like the level of mercury allowed in drinking water being far higher (like >1,000 times higher) than what is legal to discharge to a river. Or mandating arsenic levels in a town water supply be below the natural background level for the area. This folly is driven by government bureaucrats who don’t have to make a profit and who never go out of business, with generous help from vocal members of the public who “think” with their emotions instead of their brains.

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