Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin’s Dream House

When he was making a great deal of money in the drug business, TDPK had a custom house constructed in rural Indiana. Mark Singer describes it on p. 70 of Citizen K.

It had both active and passive solar design features, as well as security accoutrements that might have seemed the product of a paranoid imagination but, in context, mainly seemed echt Kimberlin—a concrete tunnel, for example, three feet in diameter, that extended from the basement to a camouflaged exit in the woods a hundred yards away. Kimberlin conceived it as a potential escape route in case intruders broke in while he was at home. Or, if he returned and suspected criminal trespass, he could sneak up on them by approaching the house through the tunnel. On the ground floor was a huge fireplace that separated the kitchen from the living room. A trapdoor in a closet upstairs provided access to a vertical passageway that ran parallel to the smokestack and contained a built-in ladder that terminated in the basement, near the entrance to the subterranean tunnel. At midpoint in the vertical passageway was a vent through which it was possible to peer into the living room without being seen, and a gun rack was built into the wall at that spot. Kimberlin could capture unwanted guests in his rifle sights and “take offensive action without them knowing where the bullets were coming from.”

I don’t think his mother’s basement has an escape tunnel.

UPDATE–Hmmmm. This sure hit a nerve.

I’m receiving comments using spoofed email and IP addresses (No, I won’t let them past moderation) about the house described in Mark Singer’s book never existing. Perhaps Mr. Singer should not have believed what TDPK told him. TDPK is, after all, a convicted perjurer.



6 thoughts on “Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin’s Dream House

  1. The key here is that Kimberlin CLAIMED to have a home such as the one described. As mark Singer learned, Kimberlin lies…a lot. Even when he doesn’t have too.

    So with that said, I do not believe that such a house existed. I think it was just another tall tale Kimberlin wove for Singer.

  2. Actually, the escape tunnel breaks one of his bombing alibis because it provides a means for him to have left and returned to his house without being seen by a guest.

  3. I have spoken to people connected with the Kimberlin story in the 1970s and the tunnel stories are true, according to them. Specifically, I spoke to one of the main reporters covering the story.

  4. Huh. Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day…interesting. So, if I ever see TDPK, I owe him an apology for basically calling him a liar above. I just get to qualify that I only apologize for calling him a liar about owning his custom built house…

  5. TBH, if I had the money to afford a custom house with secret doors and escape hatches, I’d probably do it. It’s cool.

    Although if I were a pedophile sexually grooming a young girl I probably wouldn’t murder her grandmother then engage in a series of local terrorist attacks – permenantly disfiguring a man and leading to his suicide – to direct police attention away from the investigation. Hypothetically.

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