On Judges

I don’t agree with either Judge Motz’s or Judge Potter’s rulings in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. cases. When one disagrees with a judge’s ruling, there are procedures for reconsideration and/or appeal. Aaron Walker and his legal team are considering their best next step.

Both judges have served on their respective courts with integrity. I encourage the
Enthusiastic Commenters to keep that in mind. It is sometimes wise to allow the dust to settle before speaking aloud.

3 thoughts on “On Judges

  1. Well, we weren’t there, so we appreciate someone who was there giving us their impression.

    Absent evidence contrary, of course we should respect the public service of judges, even when they rule in ways we disagree with.

    In the Vaughey example, there really was awful work by a judge, and perhaps some are filling in blanks with that example in mind. As the other Dustyn says, this is hard to understand and I just want to know the judge’s reasoning.

    The dismissal of the defaults, the lack of concern about the seal breaches, the use of discovery without the other side getting a similar chance or even a chance to have a hearing… I’m just filling in blanks, and I’m finding that difficult to do.

    Thanks in advance for the upcoming decision post.

  2. Thank you for your continued work Mr. Hoge.

    I must say, you run a tight ship. I’ve reviewed the comments since your first post yesterday; and this has to be one of the most well behaved, high-brow and engaging audiences I’ve encountered in the blogosphere.

    Then again, I do spend a fair chunk of time lurking at Ace’s. 😉

    • You’re welcome.

      Comments on this site are moderated, but I don’t have to reject very many. Apparently, Hogewash! attracts an above average group of readers. There are a only few bozos that I’ve had to ban.

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