13 thoughts on “Walker v. Kimberlin Case Dismissed

  1. The federal dismissal did not shock me (they need to refile that a little differently, IMO), but this actually does.

    I’m very disappointed.

    I await your post explaining the judge’s reasoning.

  2. Something’s fishy. Kimberlin doesn’t even get called to account for breaking the court’s order to seal all documents?

    • Agreed. That is insane.

      That discovery came at a cost to Aaron’s friends. The court’s order for seal was utterly defied. Its order for discovery was utterly defied.

      I thought those orders showed that this case would get a hearing. All Aaron needed was a fair chance to present his case. Look at his claims, look at his evidence, then make a decision. That’s justice. Anything less is injustice.

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    • I hope you really meant “except” and there are some righteous updates like “but they did sanction the seal breaking and defiance of discovery order”.

      Of course, you meant “expect”, I’ve been reading you long enough to know your typos.

      The world is upside down.

  4. Question: Is this update being downrated because people are upset or because the opposition is happy? Because from now…whenever one of these columns gets a downrating, I’m gonna start posting “dedication” videos for Kimberlin. You know, to try and win him over.

    They say you attrack more flies with honey…

    • You know what? Why wait…everyone seems so down in the dumps. Here’s something that will cheer people up. Brett Kimberlin, this one’s for YOU!

  5. All the shit that Kimberlin did and the judge doesn’t address ANY of it?

    No comment on breaches of seal? No comment on Kimberlin’s refusal to comply with discovery? Nothing on the frivilous motions filed by Kimberlin?

    Very disappointing actions by the judge.

  6. Why are we disappointed when judges don’t follow the law and evil acting people win? My past experience is that if you count on the justice system to give justice, you will be greatly disappointed. That’s why we are so happy when we win. Our case is just, yet we’re happy that we win. If there really is justice, why would we even think of the possibility of loosing and be happy when we win? Because of the distinct chance that even being right and having a just case, we often loose.

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