Preview of Coming Attractions

The big multi-motion hearing in the Virginia Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. case is scheduled for 10 am, Tuesday morning. The Dread Pirate Kimberlin has filed a motion to have the case dismissed. Aaron Walker, by way of his lawyer Dan Backer, has filed this Response to Defendant Kimberlin’s Motion to Dismiss:

Just in case the judge doesn’t dismiss the suit, TDPK has filed for a protective order to allow him to continue to skate on his discovery obligations. Mr. Backer has filed a Response to Defendant Kimberlin’s Motion for Protective Order to Stay Discovery:

Even though Judge Potter clearly instructed TDPK about his obligation to cooperate with discovery, he has yet to respond with anything other than statements saying he isn’t going to respond. That behavior forms the basis for one of the four counts in this (Amended) Motion for Sanctions Against Defendant Kimberlin:

The other counts have to do with TDPK’s unlicensed practice of law, his continuing breaches of the seal on discovery (a seal he asked for), and his filing of frivolous and irrelevant motions in the case.

There are also motions to be heard concerning the et al. defendants. Neither Crew Member Ron Brynaert nor First Mate Neal Rauhauser responded to the complaint in the suit when it was initially served. However, there were glitches in the paperwork, so default motions against them were denied. They were served a second time, this time with the paperwork in order, and new default motions have been filed.

This one is for CMRB:

This one is for FMNR:

I haven’t included the exhibits with some of these motions. The Gentle Reader can find them using the search box in upper right. This post discusses the significance of and possible result for each motion. (Note that the motion to quash from the cops won’t be heard because TDPK recinded his subpoena duces tecum.)

popcorn4bkI plan to be in the courtroom in Manassas on Tuesday in order to quickly report the outcome the hearing.

Stay tuned.

Tick, tock, tick, tock, …

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