Waiting for the Does

Unlike the non-character in the Becket play, they showed up. We saw three nice does—and a buck—stroll over the rise. And, of course, they were in the one direction that was unsafe to take a shot. They stood still for around half a minute, apparently daring us to take a shot, and then disappeared back over the rise.

Well, I have rarely shot a deer on opening day. Modern firearm season runs for another couple of weeks plus a bonus weekend in early January, and muzzleloading season is the last two weeks of December.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Hoge and I had an enjoyable morning in the woods together. It was a nice start to our 33rd anniversary.

4 thoughts on “Waiting for the Does

  1. Happy Anniversary, John & Connie ! Maybe you will get a chance at Muzzle loading season. Tennessee has finally allowed .36 caliber and larger for Deer. Heretofore .45 was the smallest caliber allowed.

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