An Analysis of a Cowardly Troll

Stacy McCain is being trolled by a member of The Dread Pirate Kimberlin’s crew, Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt. I would tell you the story, but I doubt that I could do it as well as Mr. McCain.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE–Read more here.

UPDATE 2—An interesting speculation.

5 thoughts on “An Analysis of a Cowardly Troll

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  2. Ah CBBS. I actually talked with him once and managed to have an almost normal conversation. He tried to call me a couple names and when I refused to rise to the bait he and I finished the conversation and ended it on pretty much a neutral note.

    Since then I have yet to see him even try to be non-nasty. He turns every argument ugly almost immediately and keeps it there. There really is no reasoning with him. Even agreeing to disagree is an impossibility.

    I look forward to the explosions of indignation and spinning of the results of the December 4 hearing.

    Oh well…back into the mind of a madman for me. (In other words I am going back to reading some more of Citizen K which Amazon delivered this afternoon)

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