You’ve Been Served, First Mate #NealRauhauser

A Motion for Default Judgment Against Defendant Rauhauser has been filed in Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit in Virginia. Here are the exhibits for that motion. First, Exhibits A through L:

As usual, the first bunch of exhibits are paperwork establishing due diligence in the service of process, but beginning with Exhibit I, things become more interesting. Exhibit M is a copy of a recent exchange of comments for an LA Weekly post on SWATting.

It’s kinda interesting to see Anonymous, SWATting, and Neal Rauhauser tied together like this.

<mockery>As Glen Reynolds has written, “NO, REALLY, it was a big mistake to fight out of their weight class.”</mockery>

Yes, Team Kimberlin is trying to fight in a class well above their weight. It’s one thing to sit in the basement and insult folks via a keyboard. It’s quite another matter to go toe-to-toe with an experienced litigator in front of a judge. 4 December is less than two weeks away.

Tick, tock, tick, tock, …

5 thoughts on “You’ve Been Served, First Mate #NealRauhauser

  1. Oh goody. Now I’m actually part of an exhibit in the case. Exhibit M has a couple comments I made. One of which is a brief biography for TDPK.

    If you go look at the article now the comments have exploded with Anti-Neal comments and arguments directly with Neal. There is also someone claiming to be an FBI agent from the Manassas office. Which doesn’t exist according to the site.

    • Welcome to the party.


      I left my comments and went to work. Later in the day a friend called to say I was being outed by a psycho. Later they told me the site deleted the comment that outed me. I never thought of the thread again.

      Removing the attempt to out me from the internet was a classy gesture by LA Weekly. They did a good job covering the SWATtings, and I can see why it drew so much activity from the bad guys.

      The mockery of the bad guys as obsessed with “Breitbart DEMONS” was absolutely hilarious.

      • re-reading my comment, I think I need to clarify that I don’t mind Mr Hoge documenting what the thugs have said in the above instance. I just appreciate that LA Weekly recognized it for what it is and decided it was wrong.

        This blog is a great resource for anyone who wants an unvarnished look at what it means to stand up to these thugs.

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