Crew Member #RonBrynaert and Default

A Motion for Default Judgment Against Defendant Brynaert has been filed in Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit in Virginia. Yesterday, I posted the exhibits attached to the suit that related to establishing that Crew Member Ron Brynaert has been properly served and that time had run out for him to respond to the suit. Here are the other exhibits that were filed with the motion:

These establish that CMRB did, in fact, know that he was being sued. That’s important. Virginia allows for an appeal of a default judgment in some limited circumstance. However, one needs to be able to show that one was completely unaware of the suit.

<mockery>While it is fairly easy to demonstrate that CMRB doesn’t seem to understand the difference between a burro and a burrow (One is an ass. The other is a hole in the ground.), given his tweeting and emailing, it’s going to be impossible for him to claim to be unaware of the lawsuit. I don’t know where CMRB has been getting his legal advice, but there’s better information on the subject on Wikipedia.</mockery>

Two weeks and counting until 4 December, and plenty of interesting activity is due that day. There’s a sanctions motion for The Dread Pirate Kimberlin, and default motions for his two sidekicks, First Mate Neal Rauhauser and CMRB. And speaking of FMNR, we’ll be looking at the exhibits accompanying the default motion for him soon.

Stay tuned.

Tick, tock, tick, tock, …

UPDATE—Instalanche! Thank you, Prof. Reynolds! And welcome, Instapundit readers. Thanks for stopping by. You can find more information on Team Kimberlin and both Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. cases here at Hogewash! Just click on the Home button in the menu bar and scroll around or use the site Search box.

4 thoughts on “Crew Member #RonBrynaert and Default

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  2. Gee. He’s too broke to fight the case. He should have thought about his finances before he gave Aaron a reason to sue.

    Ya know…I really don’t think these jokers know what an offensive Muhammad drawing looks like…the ones I have seen from the site Aaron ran are tame in comparison. None of these guys are Muslim, so they can’t say they are offended for religious reasons, and claiming to be offended because it MIGHT offend a Muslim somewhere in the Middle East is a cop out, IMO.

    • oh…and his other excuse, Aarons book…I’ve read it. Nothing offensive in it to a normal person. I don’t think any 9/11 widows, orphans or survivors would find anything in it offensive. If you want to FEIGN offense, you should really find a better reason.

    • Tame…no joke. I had a Constitutional site once. The html code got corrupted and it went down. But before that, I had some free speech Mohammad Day posts. They were actually really good. I had some ancient Mohammad art (with the full history lesson), some of the controversial cartoons, some modern mohammad art, and some other stuff. I worked really hard to do something special. I didn’t just want to post some “Everybody Mock Mohammad” stuff. I wanted it to be educational. I spent a week on research.

      Anyway, let me tell you…the pics that commentors put in the comments section would make George Carlin roll over in his grave. I was getting death threats every month from Syria, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Deerborn, etc., for over a year. It was awesome. And Kimberlin is feckless twit. All that nonsense about Walker’s pictures being “fatwa-worthy”. Kimberlin wouldn’t know a fatwa if it fell out of his bunghole. Plus, it doesn’t count unless it’s written in Arabic, you are perishing in a “river of blood”, and Mohammad is cursing your offspring.

      That being said, there is a disgusting irony in Kimberlin dressing himself up in a military uniform, making videos and pretending to support our troops. Especially since he was convicted of engaging in the exact type of conduct that’s currently getting our military personnel killed in the Middle East. I wonder how Mr. Kimberlin will react to my having had a Mohammad site. And others like me. I am a disabled veteran. And I know other active duty members who had free speech sites. Will he dare to put on one of OUR uniforms and tell us that our free speech is not inalienable?

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