Default Motions Filed Against #NealRauhauser and #RonBrynaert

As I alluded to late last week, the clock has run out on service of process and time to respond for First Mate Neal Rauhauser and Crew Member Ron Brynaert in the Virginia Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. On Friday, Dan Backer, Aaron Walker’s attorney, filed motions for default against the two et al. defendants. He has asked that the default hearings be consolidated with the other hearings scheduled for 4 December.

Here is the Motion for Default Judgment Against Defendant Brynaert:

Here is the Motion for Default Judgment Against Defendant Rauhauser:

I have the exhibits and will be posting them as well.

<mockery>Both defendants have been unwise in their nonresponse to the court. FMNR has been particularly foolish in mocking the court while posting sealed documents from the discovery material provided to Brett Kimberlin. He has referred to abiding by Judge Potter’s order sealing the material as a “paranoid interpretation of a muddled instruction.” Gentle Reader, do you really think that the Clerk of the Court was paranoid in keeping the documents under seal? And how do you think Judge Potter will react to having his rather clear (I was there in court. I heard him) instructions referred to as muddled?</mockery>

4 December is two weeks from tomorrow. The timer has been reset. Gentle Reader, you’ve got plenty of time to get your popcorn (or Jujubes or Raisinets) ready.

Stay tuned.

Tick, tock, tick, tock, …

9 thoughts on “Default Motions Filed Against #NealRauhauser and #RonBrynaert

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  2. As they used to say, “OH SNAP!” I got my snack food all ready to go. December 4 should be even more interesting now

  3. I’m excited for the 12.04 hearing and know Aaron will win this. It’s so obvious what Kimberlin & crew are up to and it’s not wise to piss off a judge.
    Also, this may not be the place to ask this question but I’m going to ask here since this is the most current post. Bill Shitsmeldt brags quite often about being on disability, how can he profit off writing ebooks or blog donations?? Isn’t that a no-no?

    • Actually, you can receive VA disability and still work. You can also receive social security disability on top of your VA disability and still do a little bit of work on the side, if you can. But the last I checked, you can’t receive more than $900 of outside income per month. And you have to report every penny to social security.

      So if anyone receiving social security, also receives taxable income in excess of $900 per month, it will be deducted from their social security disability check. If they don’t report the extra income to social security, they can be subject to losing their disability altogether. Their VA disability, however, is untouchable.

      Make sense?

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