Living Transparently

Some folks blog under a nom de cyber. There’s an old tradition of such pen names—Publius, Poor Richard, etc. Although I have used a nom de plume writing humor for audio industry publications (R. M. S. Watts, B.S.), I blog under my own name.

When I took that decision, I knew that it would have an effect on my privacy. You see, there are only two people alive in the United States named William John Joseph Hoge. I’m WJJH III (Yes, W3JJH, my amateur radio call sign, is a vanity call sign), and my son is serial number IV. It takes very little google-fu to find all sorts of information about me given my two decade long presence on the web. That’s why my address and one of my phone numbers is on the DMCA Contact page. Given the ease of finding my contact info, why not direct people for my convenience?

I knew that trolls would try to spam me, but they’re easily dealt with. What’s amusing is how clever some of them think they are. One used my ham radio call sign shown on the About page to find my address when he could have simply clicked on the DMCA Contact page. Go figure.

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  1. I may use the nickname Monitor….but I’ve got a 20+ year history as well and I’m not using it to hide who I am, All someone has to do is ask and I’ll tell them. I don’t think anyone should care enough to want my real name.

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