Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin Keeps Using That Word …

… I do not think it means what he thinks it means.

Hate. TDPK keeps referring to Aaron Walker’s now defunct Everybody Draw Mohammed blog as a “Muslim hate blog.” Indeed, he uses that term several times in his Motion to Dismiss in the federal Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.

<fisking>Regardless of how one parses the phrase, it doesn’t make sense as a description of Mr. Walker’s blog. The blog clearly isn’t run by a Muslim, so it isn’t an Islamic run hate blog. The blog clearly does not incite hatred of Muslims, so it isn’t a hate blog aimed at Muslims.

The blog isn’t about Islam so much as it is about freedom of expression and the separation of church or, in this case, mosque and state. In the United States no religion has a superior legal standing vis-à-vis any other. In the United States no person, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, or whatever, has the legal right to forbid anyone else from an otherwise legal act because the act transgresses that person’s religious beliefs. Telling someone to mind his own business in matters of religion is not hateful per se. OTOH, shooting and beheading infidels on the street, firebombing their offices, and the like, could be considered hate crimes.</fisking>

<mockery>TDPK is an avowed atheist. Atheists, are regularly subject to discrimination and persecution in many Islamic countries. According to popular interpretations of Islam, denying Islam and thus becoming an apostate is traditionally punished by death for men and by life imprisonment for women. That a lot worse than only 50 years for bombing.</mockery>

As mentioned in an earlier post, a motion to dismiss is not the place to argue one’s case, but if TDPK wants to put his specious stuff out for the world to see, he needs to be ready to have it examined and to watch nonsense called by its name.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE–The dialog in the talk balloon on the cover of Charlie Hebdo translates as “100 lashes if you don’t die laughing.”

1 thought on “Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin Keeps Using That Word …

  1. I can’t stress strongly enough about how both Kimberlin and Walker’s employer’s lawyer statements are predicated on the assumption that the existence of religious extremists fanatical enough to murder is as morally neutral of a fact as the laws of physics or nature. Thus, they have portrayed Walker as no different than a man who has slathered himself with honey near an ant hill, or urinated against the prevailing breeze. But, there is a difference. Every human being regardless of religion is a moral agent. They are responsible for their own acts, not their targets.

    The legal analogy to Kimberlin’s claims is for an accused rapist to try to establish that the woman he raped had a pattern of walking the streets at night alone. While it might very well not be prudent for a woman to be out alone after dark, it is not illegal, and, it does not constitute incitement.

    Carrying the analogy futher, what Kimberlin has down to Walker is akin to a man with a grudge against some woman spreading the fact that she often walks alone at night among as many scummy men as possible. Going to police and stating that a bunch of scummy men now know that she walks alone after dark is hardly a defense. What are the police to do? Watch every criminal on the streets 24/7? Escort her home every evening? Tell the woman her routine has been compromised? That just violates her.

    And, that was exactly what Kimberlin was trying to do to Walker. Kimberlin picked a target, Seth Allen, and tried to freeze it and isolate it. When Walker resisted Kimberlin’s attempt to isolate Allen Kimberlin targeted him.

    Now, Kimberlin is trying to isolate Walker. Kimberlin is trying to deny him counsel by both harassing Dan Becker and leveling frivilious criminal charges against those running a defense fund on Walker’s behalf. The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution grants a fundamental right to seek counsel. Conspiring to deny someone a Constitutional right is itself a crime.

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