A Correction in re #BrettKimberlin

It is my firm policy to publish corrections here at Hogewash! as soon as errors are verified. Because I had an incorrect date of birth for Brett Kimberlin, I was unable to verify that he is a registered voter. Subsequently, he included his date of birth in a public document that I have downloaded, and I was able to check his voter registration. Brett Kimberlin is registered to vote at his home address in Maryland.

I regret my earlier error.

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    • If you look in the appropriate section of 28 CFR 2.x, you’ll find that after 5 years of supervised parole, felons sentenced under the law that was in place when TDPK was convicted may be eligible for release from supervision by the Parole Commission. IANAL, but it is my understanding that this also releases the felon from the custody of the Parole Commission. I do not know Brett Kimberlin’s actual parole status.

      Maryland’s voter registration laws allow a felon who is not serving time and who is off probation or parole to register to vote. If TDPK meets those conditions, his registration would be quite legal.

  1. Yes, Virginia, Maryland allows felons to vote:

    Individuals convicted of a felony are ineligible to vote while incarcerated, on parole, or on probation. Voting rights are automatically restored upon completion of all supervised release. Ex-offenders should re-register to vote.

    Now the thing that makes a difference is if his supervised release is over. I have heard 2 versions of this, one is that he is free and clear and has been since 2001. The other is that he will remain under probation/parole until his original sentence is finished….so 50 years past 1978.

    So we have TDPK either voting illegally or we should assume that he is off supervised release and has had his voting rights restored.

    So he got to vote…while many soldiers never received their ballots to vote…bleh!

  2. DC, Maryland and Virginia all restore voting rights. DC is the most pathetic because you just have to be off probation to vote and you can be a multiple felon. VA I think was forced to do this because they made drunk driving & wreckless driving much more criminal. Maryland you also must be off probation/parole. Wasn’t this guy sentenced like 30 years ago? I forget when he got out, but I really, really doubt TDPK is currently on probation. Unless he was convicted of a newer crime.

    • 34 years ago was when he committed the crime. He was last put back in jail for a parole violation in 1997. He has been out since 2001. So I agree he is probably free and clear to vote.

  3. For the Birthday error, standing facing the corner of the room for five full seconds will cause the universe to heal from the severity of this error!

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