Proper Grammar and Punctuation

I agree with Stacy McCain in the importance of proper grammar and punctuation. In a short piece posted today he writes:

There’s probably no connection. On the other hand, maybe my insistence on proper spelling, punctuation and grammar — even in such informal contexts as Twitter and text-messaging — is evidence of a traditionalist predisposition.

Bravo! But I would make one change. My tradition-bound punctuation propensity would have included the so-called Harvard comma in

… proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar …

7 thoughts on “Proper Grammar and Punctuation

  1. Actually, it’s so-called the Oxford comma. Either way, as a modern erudition it still offends my classical grammatical sensibilities.

  2. Don’t matter what you call it, it’s extra, superfluous, unneeded – like most products of Harvard.

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