Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin Breaks Seal Again

Most of the recent legal action pertaining to TDPK has been in the Virginia Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. The et al. in that suit are First Mate Neal Rauhauser and Crew Member Ron Brynaert. We’re now beginning to see more action in the federal Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. suit. The et al. in the federal lawsuit are Justice Through Music Project, Velvet Revolution US, and John Doe 1 (Operator of Breitbart Unmasked).

TDPK has filed a Motion to Dismiss. The motion contains material derived from the discovery in the Virginia case which Judge Potter ordered sealed. That material is redacted.

There are also Exhibits A through O (Yep, 15 of ’em). I’ll be posting what I can of those as well after I have redacted material that Judge Rupp sealed in the Maryland Kimberlin v. Allen case and that Judge Potter sealed in the Virginia Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. suit. I will not be a party to TDPK’s publishing of sealed documents.

After reading the motion and exhibits, my first thought about mockery was, “Wow! What a target-rich environment.” All told, I’ve got 44 pages of bogacious reasoning beyond the dreams of avarice to work with.

This may take a while.

Pop some more popcorn and stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin Breaks Seal Again

  1. I hope Dan Backer just comes right back at Kimberlin with something along the lines of ….

    “It is particularly disturbing that Defendant references to Plantiff’s fully legal operation of the website EDM as ‘Fatwa worthy.’ Apperently, Plantiff doesn’t understand that religious leaders, including Muslim clerics, have no legal right to incite murder. Apperently, Defendant believe that Plantiff ought be murdered by vigilantees. Plantiff’s counsel further suggests that the Court consider these facts to be an admission that Defendant has acted with extreme malice against the physical safety of Plantiff.

    “No member of the Bar would suggest in a pleading that the opposing party ought to be murdered. While Defendant is representing himself pro se, that is simply not a blank cheque to so grossly violate the rules. Plantiff’s statements demand a rebuke by the Court and sanctions by the Court.”

  2. I like what BigSkyBob said. It’s more than about time that all the lies get called as they are written down and submitted as motions by Mr. “Pro Se Litigant, I have filed over 100 lawsuits and one more will be no sweat…” Brett Kimberlin.

    TDPK has really hung himself out on a limb this time, and I wish I could hand Mr. Backer the saw as he cuts him down.

    I also hope he gets slapped both in the Federal Court and the Viriginia Court for breaking seal. If ever a defendant was thumbing his nose at not one, but TWO judges at the same time it is TDPK doing so now. I would not be surprised if Scalawag James Cohen gave TDPK some research help on this motion.

  3. “I would not be surprised if Scalawag James Cohen gave TDPK some research help on this motion.”

    I sure hope not. If he did, it speaks volumes about Mr. Cohen’s legal abilities (or lack thereof). This reads like a 1st year law student’s first attempt at writing a motion. He’s sort of got all the right parts there, but they aren’t in the right order and don’t actually form or support a legal argument.

    Looks like TDPK just put in some extra effort on this one. Proofreading, basic editing, and organizing his thoughts into coherent paragraphs.

  4. What I mean by research help is pointed him in the right direction, not doing any of the writing or anything like that. Just saying, “Here are some cases that you can use to support the argument.”

    From there TDPK shows his usual legal brilliance…or whatever you want to call it.

  5. I see what you’re getting at.

    I think you misspelled “bullshit” in that last sentence. You accidentally typed “brilliance.” The letters are like right next to one another 😀

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