Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin and Harassment

ha•rass•ment | noun | aggressive pressure or intimidation.

One of the themes that runs throughout TDPK’s responses to his behavior being challenged or opposed is his complaint that he is being harassed. He tries to paint himself as a victim of undue harassment rather than a cowardly bully who harasses others.

Under cross examination during the 5 July, 2012, Kimberlin v. Walker peace order trial, TDPK blurted out:

I resent it. He knows I didn’t and you know I didn’t, and you’re trying to, again, harass me. You are harassing me like— No, you are harassing me.

In an 8 August, 2012 email to Dan Backer (Aaron Walker’s lawyer in the Virginia Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. case), TDPK wrote:

This is a frivolous and malicious case meant to harass and the rules are designed to deal with such matters.

The next day, he sent another email to Mr. Backer with this:

I don’t know what kind of litigation you think this is but I see it as a form of harassment.

On 2 October, 2012, TDPK filed Defendant Kimberlin’s Response to Plaintiff’s Opposition to Cease and Desist. In it he writes:

This case is without merit and is being used to harass Defendants.

In his Motion for Protective Order to Stay Discovery filed on 5 October, 2012, TDPK wrote:

This case is a harassment suit to retaliate against Defendants for identifying Plaintiff as the publisher of an anti-Muslim hate blog.

In Defendants Kimberlin’s Response to Plaintiff’s Motion to Deny Motion to Dismiss and Motion for Protective Order for Failure to Follow Rules 4:15 filed on 19 October, 2012, we find:

In short, counsel’s motion is a bunch of mumbo jumbo intended to harass Defendant and waste this Court’s time.

On the same day, TDPK also filed Defendant Kimberlin’s Response to Plaintiff’s Motion for Sanctions which contains these words:

Why would any competent attorney bring such a frivolous motion against a pro se litigant who followed the Court’s order and Virginia Supreme Court Rules? In counsel’s case, it’s another money scam and another way to harass Defendant.

Brett Kimberlin has continually run a deficit in his karma account. It was called for payment after he got caught smuggling dope and planting bombs. It was called again with his parole violation. It may be that TDPK is approaching the point where another payment on his karma account is coming due.

Gentle Reader, note that I used the term undue harassment above. When one pushes back against a bully, aggressive pressure may be required. There is such a thing a due harassment.

UPDATE–The Gentler Reader should note that the dictionary definition of harassment above is not the same as the legal definition. While TDPK may feel aggressive pressure as folks resist his lawfare, that sort of pushback is not harassment in any legal sense.

2 thoughts on “Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin and Harassment

  1. I’d like to see his ass get harassed until he pays the Widow DeLong what she is owed. If he loses everything he has in the world, his wife, his child, his mothers home, his mother guest home, his car, his livelihood….everything…he still would be at a karma deficit IMO

    • My desire is to see TDPK and his crew brought to justice. It is going to take a while for everything to play out in the courts, and I doubt that the solutions found will be exactly as I would wish. Still, I believe that the courts will wind up holding Team Kimberlin accountable.

      I’d like to be some small part of that process. Hence, my blogging, but I’m just a blogger. I leave the heavy lifting to the lawyers and the courts.

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