Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin and Denial

During the 5 July Kimberlin v. Walker peace order hearing, I heard the follow exchange between Reginald Bours, Aaron Walker’s attorney in that case, and TDPK.

Q [Bours] Are you familiar with the term, SWAT-ing?

A [Kimberlin] Yes.

Q And have you caused Mr. Walker to be SWAT-ed by the Fairfax County or Prince William County Police?

A That is a despicable claim, and, and —

Q Yes or no?

A — and I resent it.

Q Yes or no?

A I resent it. He knows I didn’t and you know I didn’t, and you’re trying to, again, harass me. You are harassing me just like —

Q I’m asking if you are responsible —

A No, you are harassing me.

Q — for someone calling —

A This man, this ma, —

Q — the police —

A — this man —

Q Excuse me, sir. I am asking you, yes or no, are you responsible —

A No.

Q — directly or indirectly?

A Absolutely not, and it’s despicable.

Q So you didn’t call or ask somebody else to call and tell the police that there had been shots fired at Mr. Walker’s home, so the SWAT Team would show up there? You didn’t do that? You’re not responsible for that?

A Did you do that?

Q Do you know who —

A I did it as much as you did it. I mean, that’s ridiculous.

Q Sir, did you have anything to do with that, or do you know who did?

A No, I don’t.

Well, that seems like a pretty firm denial. It will be interesting to see what the Prince William County Police turn up in their investigation of Aaron Walker’s SWATting. It occurred on the evening of the day the first Kimberlin v. Walker peace order was thrown out. I don’t believe that they think the two events were an unfortunate coincident.

One of the recurring themes from TDPK’s narrative spinning that appear in this testimony. Harassment. TDPK accuses Mr. Bours of harassing him with the cross examination. And it was during this exchange that TDPK lost his cool. He tries to paint himself as a victim. If he’s a victim, he’s a victim of his own actions.

We will see what tales are told on 4 December. Stay tuned.

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  1. I don’t believe that they think the two events were an unfortunate coincident

    Nor is setting off a string of bombings to distract and overwhelm a small-town police department in the middle of investigating a murder.

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