Lefties on Twitter Foam at the Mouth Over the “Layoff Bomb”

The moonbats on Twitter are ranting about the evil revenge business owners are taking on their employees because Barack Obama has been reelected. (H/T, Twitchy) Sure, layoffs are probably coming as the economy worsens. Even if Washington decides not to drive off the economic cliff, the politicians will most likely veer off into a deep ditch. Obamacare and other restrictive regulations are no longer a possibility to be hedged against. They’re a sure thing, and many companies are now faced with the choice of contracting to handle the expected economic downturn or simply giving up and cashing in while their assets still have value.

Let me give you an example of the kinds of consumer choices that will drive the economic contraction. I don’t get a chance to go hunting every year, but this year both Mrs. Hoge and I will be in the field harvesting deer for our freezer. Since we already have rifles, the incremental cost to us will be around $100 for hunting licenses and a couple of boxes of ammunition. Compare that with what we would spend on an equivalent amount of meat at Safeway, and you can see how our family’s economizing will help shrink the overall economy. Hornady (maker of the ammo we use) and Safeway will have to make their staffing decisions based on how they believe my family and millions of others will be making our spending decisions.

One wonders if any of these moonbats took Econ 101. Or if they all took it from Paul Krugman.

UPDATE–While I use a Tikka T3 Lite in .270 Winchester or a Marlin Model 1895 in .45/70 for deer, Stacy McCain seems to favor a Hyunai Sonata.

2 thoughts on “Lefties on Twitter Foam at the Mouth Over the “Layoff Bomb”

  1. It is a perfectly rational reaction. The left better get ready for more of this. It is not personal, strictly business.

  2. Of course it is strictly business. They do not get that though. They think they are OWED jobs. They don’t really think about the fact that someone somewhere has to put the money up for that job to exist. If it is not worth it to someone, either financially or emotionally, then the business owner has the right, if not the obligation, to stop spending money at any time on their business. Yes, owners SHOULD give back to their customers and their community…but they do not have to. And it is their choice in what manner of giving back they will do.

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