First Mate #NealRauhauser Acknowledges Being Sued

LA Weekly has a post up examining SWATting (H/T, @MonitorAccess). Neal Rauhauser is mentioned in the story, and in the comment section he posts

Aaron Walker, also named here, recently made a disastrous discovery response error on a frivolous suit he filed against me …

Well, look at that! FMNR has not only admitted knowledge of the suit, he has admitted that the documents that have surfaced on the Internet come from the discovery material that Aaron Walker provided to TDPK.

<mockery>Perhaps Dan Backer, Aaron Walker’s lawyer, should send a thank you note to FMNR for being so helpful making Aaron Walker’s case.</mockery>

To borrow a word from another blogger … Heh.

2 thoughts on “First Mate #NealRauhauser Acknowledges Being Sued

  1. And of course, aside from Neal, we also have CBBS commenting over there. It now looks like a bloggers war going on in the comments.

    • Of course, CBBS gets his facts wrong in his comments. For example, he refers to a “Maryland lawyer,” but neither Dan Backer nor Aaron Walker are members of the Maryland bar. (Mr. Backer is pro hac vice in the federal lawsuit.)

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