A Suggested Program of Recovery

Smitty has a post-election post up that contains these words:

Apparently, it has to get worse before it gets better.

Yes, that’s probably correct. The country hasn’t hit bottom yet, and like a drunk or addict that still thinks he can handle it, the body politic simply isn’t ready to clean up its act. While 52% of the country probably aren’t all Takers and Moochers, they have enough Enablers to result in an electoral majority. Progressivism has been quite seductive in its appeal.

Recovery is still possible, but it won’t begin until we understand that we are powerless over Progressivism–that our lives have become unmanageable. That realization can be the beginning of the restoration of an America that folks like the Founders and Alexis de Tocqueville would recognize.

BTW, that realization needs to come not only to the Taker/Moochers/Enabler crowd but also to those of us who have been in what amounts to a codependent relationship with them. We can’t let their dysfunction ruin us as well whether they come to their senses or not.

That realization can be the beginning, but only a first step in our recovery.

5 thoughts on “A Suggested Program of Recovery

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  2. You called this “1980 with shifted demographics”… and I looked up exit polling data from 1980, and actually, that’s pretty on the nose.


    If you look at the numbers, Romney actually did better among white voters than Reagan did. And the ‘per income’ bracket breaks down almost exactly the same, $15k in 1980 is roughly $40/$50k now. Reagan won in the 15K+ brackets, just like Romney won the $50k+ tax brackets.

    I think it’d help if conservatives could reach out to hispanic and black voters. I think there’s room to meet their needs without compromising our conservative principles.

    And it looks like romney was right in principle and wrong in magnitude about that 47%… the actual number, it looks like, is closer to 24.2%, or .41*.6 (population under 50k*60% constant support) Ironically, it looks like economic growth really is the winning republican strategy… and economic downturns are the winning Democrat strategy. Growth=more higher incomes=republican victories. Downturns=less higher incomes=democrat victories. At least that’s my theory. Because that 41% that’s under 50k now, looks like it was more like 37.5% back in 1980. (based on linear interpolation of the data), which in and of itself probably could’ve been enough to turn the tide.

  3. The “Moocher/Taker/Enabler” analogy to the Addict/Drunk/Enabler is very appropriate. This Election Cycle is now over(Thank God), I must say that I am far from being pleased by the result, but the “People” have spoken, and the “system” grinds on.
    It now becomes the job of “We the People” to take up our positions within the U.S. Constitution and hold the President to stay within the limits of his office. His “ruling by ‘Executive Order'” must be held within the due bounds as prescribed in the United States Constitution.
    As to his legislation by Fiat?
    Maybe we could get him a “stretch” Topolino.

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