A Suggested Program of Recovery, Part 2

Insanity, so the saying goes, is continuing to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Nominating and even electing RINO politicians as not been a successful means of turning the country from the path of Progressivism that we started down in the 20th century.

Before it was co-opted by secularists, American Progressivism had religious roots. There was a stream of eschatological thinking among some Christians called Postmillennialism which tied the return of Christ to a golden age to come when the Church had converted more or less everyone and the world had been cleaned up enough for the Second Coming. Prohibition was one part of the tidying up. Politicians such as Teddy Roosevelt saw themselves as doing the Lord’s work.

I won’t tell the whole saga of how the American Progressive movement morphed into Modern Liberalism. Jonah Goldberg has done a better job of telling the tale they I ever could in his book Liberal Fascism. Go read it if you haven’t already.

Conservatives have spent the last 50+ years “standing athwart history yelling ‘Stop!’,” and we’ve had some success from time to time in slowing the long slide. But we’ve never really reversed course.

Mitt Romney is a good and decent man. He would have been a better choice for the country in many ways than Barack Obama, but, Gentle Reader, do you really believe that he would have turned the country around? Me neither. We were crazy when we nominated another RINO.

There is a Power greater than ourselves Who can restore us to sanity.

It’s a basic tenet of both Judaism and Christianity that God loves His creation and wants us to love Him. He also wants us to love one another. Love requires a freewill choice. It can’t be compelled. The early American Progressives weren’t wrong to be trying to do God’s will. Their mistake was believing that it was His will that they should take control of things that were not any of their business–that they could compel righteous behavior. Concern for one’s fellow man is good. Meddlesomeness leads to nanny-statism.

If we go forth trying to take control, we will be making the same category of mistakes as the Progressives a century ago. We may not nominate another RINO; we might manage to do something even worse.

We need to have our sanity restored.

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