First Mate #NealRauhauser’s Failing Memory

I know that I said that I wasn’t going to pay much attention to Team Kimberlin until after the election, but both of FMNR’s regular blog readers have emailed me about this, so I thought I’d pass it along. He has a post up called Understanding Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day (no, I won’t link to it) in which he says that the blogburst

was triggered by Aaron Walker’s May 22nd arrest for a peace order violation.

The stress of the truth closing in must be affecting FMNR’s memory.

22 May was the date of TDPK’s ex parte hearing related to the peace order and alleged violations. Mr. Walker was arrested at the 29 May hearing. FMNR should know that because he was present at the 29 May hearing. The timing of the hearings and Mr. Walker’s arrest are matters of public record. Neal Rauhauser was seen at the 29 May hearing.

<mockery>At the tail end of his post, FMNR hints darkly that indictments may be brewing and he advises against cleaning up the record because a U. S. Attorney might call that obstruction of justice. He and the rest of Team Kimberlin might want to remember that. Tax evasion, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, interstate threats, etc., are all matters that a U. S. Attorney might find interesting.</mockery>

It’s fascinating to watch how the wheels are beginning to come off the clown car as it careens about trying to avoid a collision with the truth. I wonder which member of Team Kimberlin will bail out first in an attempt to mitigate the consequences due him.

We’ll see. Stay tuned

UPDATE–As is noted in the first comment below, the Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin blogburst was on 25 May, before Aaron Walker was arrested. Not only is FMNR appearing to have memory issues, he seems to have lost his grip on the concept of cause and effect.

2 thoughts on “First Mate #NealRauhauser’s Failing Memory

  1. Furthermore, Everyone Blog About Brett Kimberlin day was May 25, 2012. 4 days BEFORE the arrest of Aaron Walker on the 29th for violating a Peace Order, and 8 days after Aaron Walker wrote his large blog post that explained how Brett Kimberlin tried to frame him for Assault from the I-pad incident on January 9th, 2012.

    • Oh..and just to explain…the Peace Order that Arron was accused of Violating was later dismissed. TDPK claimed harassment for Aaron Walker blogging about his Speedway Bombing crimes, and the post on the 17th. It was also the second (or maybe third) Peace Order that TDPK had sought against Aaron Walker.

      It was this Peace Order that TDPK showed his mastery of legal acumen by forgetting to call Aaron Walker to the stand to authenticate Aarons writings and hence having the case thrown out without Aaron Walker having to even put on a defense. The one TDPK then cried to the appeals court for a Writ of Certiorari and was denied.

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