A Marvelous Closing Argument

Mitt Romney will probably be slammed for using Barack Obama’s own word so effectively (video here), but what is really telling in the ad is the difference in body language between the two candidates. One seems a confident winner, the other …

It it Tuesday yet?

2 thoughts on “A Marvelous Closing Argument

  1. If Obama loses, between November and January, what powers can he use to further his agenda? Congress is deadlocked, so Presidential power? What are the limits?

  2. Each and every time that I go to the polls and vote, it is for love of my country which gave me that right; for my father, brother, uncle, and cousins who fought for me to keep that ‘God given’ right. It matters not if the election is to determine who the next President might be or even if the choice is for the next county ‘Dog Killer’. I vote with their sacrifice in mind, and my God’s blessing.
    My thanks go up to God for those who have sacrificed so much for that freedom.
    God Bless America.

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