The Wrongness of Conventional Wisdom

When Stacy McCain called me this afternoon, he was in Blue Ash, Ohio, preparing to cover a Mitt Romney rally in nearby West Chester. Blue Ash. That reminds me …

Conventional wisdom tells you that the twigs on trees are more or less round. They aren’t square. When I was a boy scout camping at the Boxwell Scout Reservation in Middle Tennessee 50 or so years ago, I used to win bets that I could show another scout a tree with square twigs. There’s a tree that puts out four vanes along its fresh twigs. During the twigs’ second year, the space between the vanes fills in, and the twigs are more or less square. That species of tree is the Blue Ash, and there was one along the upstream trail to the council fire ring.

20121102-233950.jpgDon’t buy into conventional wisdom.

Go vote this Tuesday.

Turn the rascals out!

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