Shooting Ourselves in the Foot

While driving home this evening, I had a spirited conversation with Stacy McCain. Mr. McCain is somewhat irritated with some podcaster named Larry Sinclair because of air time he gave to Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt to attack Ali Akbar. You can get a sense of Mr. McCain’s feelings in this post.

I haven’t heard the podcast, and I don’t have time for it right now. But let me say this: There’s an election next Tuesday, and it’s vitally important that we turn the rascals out. Even if you don’t like someone working to defeat Barack Obama, for the next four days the enemy of your enemy is your friend. We can sort out other issues beginning on Wednesday.

As for relying on CBBS as a source … He is a known associate of First Mate Neal Rauhauser, a member of Team Kimberlin, and a selective leaker of sealed court documents. His bumbling style reminds me of the Foreign Office klutz played by Rowan Atkinson in Never Say Never Again (Nigel Small-Fawcett).

It may be that there are some folks whose reputations will need looking into after the election is settled, but accusations from the likes of CBBS should be taken with a grain of salt.

Go hit The Other McCain tip jar. I just did. He can use the support while on the road in Ohio covering the election.

2 thoughts on “Shooting Ourselves in the Foot

  1. I listened to some of the show this morning. He bought into CBBS totally. He even gets the LIE wrong, claiming that Arron’ employer confronted him about the Everybody Draw Mohammed blog and THAT was the reason for firing. He also told his listeners that if they contributed to the Legal Defense Fund or National Bloggers Club to get your money back.

    I was getting sick to my stomach so I did not get around to finishing the show. If you want to listen it starts in Hour 2 right after the halfway break.

  2. I tried to warn people that just because a leftist has something that can be used against someone you have a problem with doesn’t mean that you should use it, but they didn’t listen to me and they went down the freaking rabbit hole – thoroughly soiling themselves all the way, and then they act all fricken bewildered when Conservatives stop linking to them or following them on teh twitterz. WTF did they THINK would happen when they got into bed with people who have an agenda to take us ALL down (not just the guy who they happen to have a problem with)? The sooner everyone realizes that “Zilla is always right”, the better off everyone will be. There are several friends who bought a ticket to crazy town and then they got the ButtHurt because they became ostracized, these were friends who I WARNED to not use leftists as “sources” to air out their stinkables, these were friends who ignored me advice, and these are friends who I have a hard time mustering sympathy for now that people on our side are avoiding them. They should have listened to me. I am not talking about Sinclair as he doesn’t really know me, but there are other blogger friends who joined that “bi-partisan” bla bla bla to “get the truth” and I tried to tell them that it was a bad idea, and that “bi-partisan” = SUCKER because to leftists all that word means is that someone on the right is allowing themselves to be USED, but they didn’t listen to me. They should have listened to me. I don’t go out of my way to give advice, but on the rare occasions that I do, it’s for a damned good reason. So to all the “conservative bloggers” who have been not just attacking Ali, but have also devolved into attacking Stacy, and Ladd, and Lee, and anyone else that the Kimberlin Kabal put a bug in your ear over, and now you discover that NOBODY is reading your blog, linking to you, or following you on Twitter anymore, I say you this: YOU SHOULD HAVE FREAKING LISTENED TO ME WHEN I TRIED TO HELP YOU! And when Stacy asked like a month ago that people on the right lay off of each other for just a few more weeks so we can get through the election and that conservative bloggers could tear each other apart AFTER Mitt wins if that is what they really want to do, people should have freaking listened to HIM, because Stacy also does not go out of his way to give advice unless it is for a damned good reason. Jackasses.

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