Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin’s Ship of Fools


The Dread Pirate Kimberlin—(AKA Brett Kimberlin, The Speedway Bomber, John Doe 1, Breitbart Unmasked) A Director of and sole full-time employee of Justice Through Music Project and unpaid employee of Velvet Revolution US. Convicted felon with a rap sheet too long for this space. Apparently not a registered voter.

His Crew

First Mate Neal Rauhauser—Tragically-failed wind-powered ammonia plant entrepreneur. Hacker wannabe. Democratic Party operative. Deadbeat dad.
Crew Member Ron Brynaert—Erstwhile reporter. Possible SWATting suspect. Potential mutineer.
Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt—(AKA Liberal Grouch) Minor, if somewhat grandiose, Twitter troll and selective blogger of sealed court papers.
Imaginary Friend Occupy Rebellion—(AKA Sheridan) Twitter sock puppet.

His Enablers

Jeffrey R. Cohen, Esq.—Intellectual property lawyer and Executive Director of JTMP and VRUS. His signature is on their IRS Form 990s.
Brad Friedman—A Director of Velvet Revolution US.
Myra Lowenthal, CPA—Accountant who prepared the IRS Form 990s for JTMP and VRUS.

Assorted fanboys, wannabes, third- and fourth-rate musicians, trolls, useful idiots, and fools.

This saga is a true epic and may take quite a while to play out, but it is always pleasant to see justice triumph in the end. Some ugly scenes may transpire, so viewer discretion is advised. But if you’re game, grab some popcorn and stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin’s Ship of Fools

  1. It’s the useful idiots and fools that get me. Especially the ones that should know better. But I’m starting to sound like a broken record because I keep saying the same thing.

    • The motions originally scheduled for 9 November were TDPK’s motions to dismiss, etc. Judge Potter consolidated both sides’ motions and one from the DA into a single hearing on 4 December. The Clerk apparently hasn’t finished cleaning up the calendar.

      • Wait a tick. One from the DA? When did he/she get involved? Or is that for a different case entirely?

        • TDPK had a subpoena duces tecum served on the Prince William County PD for info on the Aaron Walker SWATting that the DA has moved to quash. Ongoing investigation and all that.

      • Ok. I remember now that he subpoenaed the PD…don’t think you’ve mentioned that the DA wanted to quash that.

      • Ok…nevermind. You did mention it on the post on the 26th. Somehow I read right over it and that part didn’t stick.

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