Have I Struck a Nerve, Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin?

I didn’t think that I would actually be SWATed on Halloween. From the top down, all of Team Kimberlin strike me as cowards. It takes a certain level of gumption to be a suicide bomber. Where is the bravery in setting time bombs and skulking away? I doubted that any of them would risk making a SWATting call to a law enforcement agency that was expecting it.

I’ve been blogging about TDPK for a bit over five months with very little push back. Oh, I had a few tweets and comments from sock puppets and fan boys, but nothing substantial. Nothing substantial that is until this week. My Monday morning blog post Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin’s Boss’ Day Job resulted in this comment:

Of course, the comment was not really made by The Lonely Conservative.

But back to this post … Was there something particular in that post that pushed a button? Or was it the accumulation of five months of blog posts that inspired the SWATting threat? I don’t know that I’ll ever find out, but I do know that by not following through, Team Kimberlin has proven themselves to be a cowardly lot. But they can be dangerous cowards. I understand that. I keep my eyes open. I take reasonable (and sometimes unreasonable) precautions. And my friends, including those in law enforcement, have my back.

As Harry Truman once remarked, “I’ve been shot at by experts.” I’ve dealt with my share of tough guys and tough guy wannabes during my life. They’ve been to jail, and I haven’t. I look forward to seeing TDPK and his thugs and enablers brought to justice, and I intend to have some small part in that. I may have just become his worst nightmare.

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  1. I know it’s kinda a long shot, but did did you submit an abuse report to Virpus (IP addresses are in their range). They have a form and the activity is most certainly is against their terms of service…

    • I did within minutes of receiving the comment. I got an automated response telling me that they were not treating my report as anything other than routine. It’s been almost 3 days with no further response.

  2. If I were those creeps, I’d be mad at you too! You should be proud of yourself for being a thorn in their side. Be careful, of course.

  3. Here is another button to push. Kimberlin thought he was being smart in deliberately leaking discovery documents. In fact, he has merely opened himself to further litigation.

    The lawyer for Aaron’s made a settlement offer to Mary Walker that was improper on a number of levels. He included material that constitutes defamation against both Mary and Aaron. Instead of making the settlement offer directly to Mary he sent it to Aaron. He was aware that Aaron was having legal disputes with Brett Kimberlin, and, ought to have reasonably known that the defamatory material would be subject to discovery and thus made public. It was subject to discovery. Brett Kimberlin did deliberately leak it, and, it was spread on the internet. Mary and Aaron Walker have suffered significant damages as a result.

    The defamatory content of the letter is clear and unambigious. The lawyer used the term “incite” in relationship to potential violence concerning his publication of the EDM blog. As a lawyer, he was fully aware of the Constitutional standing of blasphemy laws. While Islam may well very have a prohibition against drawing images of the prophet Mohammed, or drawing images of animals, or eating pork, those prohibitions have no legal weight under the laws of the United States. Such prohibitions are simply not legally binding on any American any more than a demand that Americans cease eating pork. The EDM, whatever it merits or demerits, was a completely lawful website.

    When an Iranian cleric issued a death fatwah against Sir Salman Rushdie, it was an example of “incitement” to violence. The Satanic Verses were not. The lawyer knew that was the law yet argued that in the essentially the same facts Walker’s writings constituted “incitement.”

    He further defamed Mary Walker by claiming that her mere presence at their workplace constituted a threat to her fellow employees. That is a claim that presumbly would be true at any place she worked. They fired her. He structured a settlement offer in such a fashion that if she refused to settle it would become known to potential future employers that she was, essentially, radioactive. That was a preemptive threat of retaliation [as was the threat to sue Walker for backwages.] It, also, bordered on extortion.

    If a female employee informed her employer that she was being stalked by an ex-boyfriend whom he dumped because she realized that he was mentally ill, and had subsequently found out that he had a violent past, I am not aware of a single employer that would consider it appropriate to fire her. That would be doubly true of firing her new boyfriend because he too happened to work at the same place.

    In leaking the settlement offer Kimberlin deliberately made public defamatory content that will harm Mary Walker in her search for a job. Taking her ex-employers remarks at face value, the economic damage caused would be her expected earnings until retirement, including fringe benefits such as health insurance. Kimberlin has just opened himself to yet another lawsuit.

    Walker’s former employer hired the lawyer to protect the company’s interests. Instead, he opened them to more liability. I’m curious if his employer is going to fire him, or try to circle the wagons. In any case, it will be fun reading what he has to say about Sir Salman Rushdie.

    Popcorn anyone!

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