My #SWATting Schedule

A couple of days ago, I received a threat about being SWATed tonight. I want the bozo who made the threat to know that, even though I have a business appointment this evening, I intend to be home at least an hour before the time he specified.

I also want to remind him that the threat has been communicated to local and federal law enforcement and that Mrs. Hoge and I have promised to save some Halloween candy for the responding deputies.

UPDATE—I’m home from my meeting and have just finished a wonderful bowl of cioppino that Mrs. Hoge made for me. I have a load of tweets from Brietbart Unmasked to look at, but before I wade through them, I want to tell my SWATter that he’ll get faster response by dialing the Sheriff’s Office direct line at (410) 386-2900 and then pressing 2 for the duty officer.

1 thought on “My #SWATting Schedule

  1. Nothing interesting ever happens where I am. I guess I’ll put on a pot of coffee and watch some tv. The kids in the neighborhood are running up and down the street screaming right now.

    Tomorrow is the Day of the Dead, so the kids are pretty much up until all hours of the night around here. While I’m not much for superstition, I actually do participate in Día de los Muertos. Sometime after midnight, I usually light a candle and pour some scotch or whiskey into the earth to honor my fallen brothers and sisters.

    Anyway, stay safe and have a good evening.

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