I Don’t Feed Trolls, But …

… this stuff was so over-the-top that I want to share with my Gentle Readers. These tweets were sent to me this evening by Breitbart Unmasked, who, if you have been following the Saga of TDPK, you’ll remember is one of the defendants in the federal Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. I find it amusing that he has the chutzpah to instruct me on my obligation to you Gentle Readers.

You need to read the tweets from bottom to top.UPDATE—And one more tweet from BU …I’ve never been in a jail as a prisoner. What was it like for you?

UPDATE 2—A note on the date stamp on the tweet. My computer clock is set to UTC which is ET+4 hours.

17 thoughts on “I Don’t Feed Trolls, But …

  1. I spent most of last week in the freaking hospital and have been mostly offline due to the blackouts from the big storm Sandy since before the storm even made landfall, so I don’t know wtf has been going on but I do see that BU is either a retard who doesn’t know how to use twitter because he fails to take unrelated names off his dozens of unsolicited replies to your single tweet (which makes him a freaking SPAMMER in addition to some kind of OCD afflicted loser) or the freak is now making threats to me as well since my name is in every single one of those insane things. WTF is going on?
    STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME, Speedway Bomber’s Twitter sock!

  2. Looks like BreitbartUnmask has made a come back. Not surprising, he’s loving the fact that the judges order was ignored and the discovery Aaron Walker submitted was released. It’s let them all blow smoke and bile and attempt to twist things.

  3. It is the height of hypocrisy to allege that Walker is fraudulently raising funds in soliciting donations for a legal defense fund that is being spent on offering Walker a legal defense, when JTMP is raising funds on the behalf of Pussy Riots without spending a single dime of that money to defend the band! Sure they have a disclaimer stating where the money is actually going, but, so too does the Bloggers Defense Club. Everyone funding Walker’s suit against Kimberlin knows exactly where their money is going, and is completely satisfied with that fact. The only “fraud” is the fraud Kimberlin is trying to perpetrate on the court.

    The only meaningful information I gleened from Kimberlin’s leak are that 1) Walker’s former employer’s lawyer is keenly conscious of their guilt in wrongfully terminating Walker’s wife for reasons purely of corruption of blood, and realize they have no defense whatsoever against a wrongful termination suit by her; 2) They are not beneath preemptively treatening retaliation against her spouse if she pursues her case; 3) They want to settle the wrongful termination of both under the guise of “severence pay” for his wife; 4) They are desperate to create ex posto facto rationalizations for firing Walker if he refuses to settle, including slandering his completely lawful operation of his EDM website; 5) Their case is so weak that they are forced to present diplomatic protests from foreign nations as having legal weight; and 6) They have taken a stake in the truth of Kimberlin’s web of falsities. It is going to be interesting to watch Backer shred their laywer if he actually takes the stand!

  4. I must be learning something, because I basically picked up the same thing from the e-mails.

    What I find troubling, is that there are some who have claimed to support Aaron, who have jumped on the bandwagon and are spreading tales of scams, cons and deceit. If you check backgrounds you find a little too much association with FMNR, or TDPK or their defenders to trust their objectivity completely.

    • “What I find troubling, is that there are some who have claimed to support Aaron, who have jumped on the bandwagon and are spreading tales of scams, cons and deceit.”


  5. This guy doesn’t really know what “fraud” means in a legal context.

    These guys also don’t really know what anything means in a legal context (words like contempt), so I suppose they should be forgiven.

    Since I know TDPK reads this forum, maybe he’ll pick up on this: being held “in contempt” doesn’t mean the court hates you. Pick up a law dictionary and go find out what it actually means.

    • According to TDPK’s biography “Citizen K,” Brett Kimberlin earned a bachelor’s degree with a 3.96 GPA in an area related to community legal services and completed a course for paralegals while in prison. He isn’t a lawyer, but he isn’t totally ignorant either.

      • Obviously, he is knowledgable enough to argue rather esoteric legal points such as the prohibition of private actions for criminal acts, yet, conveniently ignorant of the law enough to overlook the fact that people can sue for intentional inflictment of emotional distress. Funny how that works.

    • BU is too stupid to learn how to use the twitter “reply” button without incessantly spamming a bunch of people who have nothing to do with the subject of his dozens of unsolicited and unhinged tweets, so I think we’d be asking a little too much of him to expect understand the meaning of words that are too big for his tiny little OCD pea brain to comprehend. A dictionary would probably be too hard for the freak to figure out as well.

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  7. Seems fairly obvious that BU is Schmalfeldt. He’s got the same tone, same incessant hammering at the fixation du jour, copies himself on all the messages. He’s a disturbingly prolific toad. The self referential nature of it is telling. If you look up the books he’s written and self-published he has reviews on Amazon for them written by himself.
    whoops, read a little further, guess it was painfully obvious, Still, worth it to note he’s a creep.

      • BU could easily be any and all of them. I’ll have to look at some more timeline of posts to see if the hand changes. That endless sequence I saw on twitter dated about 4 hours ago certainly looked like Schmalfeldt’s droppings.

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