Undue Harassment

Yesterday, Karen at The Lonely Conservative received several death threats, and I was threatened with SWATting. Why? We are both right-of-center bloggers. Have we so gravely offended someone on the left that he feels we deserve such harassment?

While I have gone after some folks, I’ve never called for any consequences for them other than justice. Indeed, I have specifically asked others to let law enforcement and the courts deal with trouble makers.

This morning, I was reading Victor Davis Hanson’s post Why Liberals Think What They Do, and it helped focus my thoughts. (His writing often has that effect.) His essay has a section titled Anger, envy, and the primordial emotions, and I’m beginning to see anger driven by envy as a motivation for the bozo (or bozos) harassing us.

To put it simply, we are winning the war of ideas. As you can see below, sites like Karen’s are more popular than sites run by those on the other side of the issues.

Anger driven by envy. Envy of hard work that bears fruit.

The threats are acts of desperation. They mean we’re winning. The harassment is a pain in the neck (or a couple of feet lower), but it’s a sign of progress against Progressivism. It’s going to take some time and some hard work, but justice will come.

Stay tuned and keep plenty of popcorn on hand.

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