Off to Work On The Air

We’ve made it through the storm with no damage and no loss of electricity. My son and I have been participating in the local emergency communications net run by amateur radio operators who are members of ARES. Some of operators were deployed to places such as the County Emergency Operations Center and various Red Cross shelters. Others were at home ready to go where needed. Today, it’s my turn to work at one of the shelters.

A few years ago, a County bureaucrat suggested that the communications backup we ham radio operators provide was unnecessary because of cell phones. Then a tornado took out a cell tower.

1 thought on “Off to Work On The Air

  1. By definition, a centralized anything is a single point where a critical error or catastrophic failure can take out the whole system. Somehow the “Smarter than You ™” crowd never seems to figure that out, especially when planning an economy, healthcare system, etc. It’s weird that just like us, the Left benefits from competition, choice and freedom in their daily lives (think food, travel and entertainment choices for just a few examples), yet they pursue policies that would take all that away.

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